Clearing the Confusion: We're HaloDog, Not Halo Collar

Clearing the Confusion: We're HaloDog, Not Halo Collar

When it comes to innovative pet technology, there's been a growing buzz surrounding HaloDog. However, despite our distinct brand identity, we've noticed a recurring misconception among our customers – many mistake us for Halo Collar.

It's understandable. Both companies operate in the realm of pet care technology, and our names share a common word: "Halo." However, the differences between HaloDog and Halo Collar are significant, and we want to ensure clarity for our valued customers.

HaloDog launched in 2018 with a mission to keep pets safe and seen at night. From the beginning, we've been dedicated to providing pet owners with innovative solutions that prioritize the well-being and safety of their furry companions, particularly during nighttime walks.

In contrast, Halo Collar entered the market in 2020 after three years of development. While they share similarities with us in terms of their focus on pet technology, Halo Collar has its unique features and approach. Halo Dog is an LED glow collar to help dogs and cats be safe and seen at night. It's lightweight, easy to charge and can be seen from a block away. Whereas Halo Collar is a bulky GPS collar that has been known to shock pets -- it's pimped out by a celebrity dog trainer and we get about 200 emails a week from angry customers trying to return their collars.

Recently, we shared a blog post titled Should You Buy a Halo Collar highlighting the feedback we've received from their customer emails. Many customers are desperate to return their collars, swap out parts or just track their order and they can't reach anyone. So they reach out to us! And we get back to every one of them -- for years we have sent them to the main contact page on the HaloCollar website -- but we discovered recently they went through a website redesign and took off their phone number. Why would they do that? It's insane. Unfortunately, this change has led to frustration for some individuals seeking direct assistance.

So, let's set the record straight. At HaloDog, we're committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Our team is dedicated to addressing any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have promptly and efficiently.

However, we want to help Halo Collar's customers out too. So here you go! Halo Collar's customer support phone number is:


While the confusion between HaloDog and Halo Collar continues to persists, we're here to clarify any misconceptions and ensure a seamless experience for our customers (and theirs). We hope this helps! 

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