Should you buy a Halo Collar by Cesar Millan?

Should you buy a Halo Collar by Cesar Millan -- no, and it pains us to have to tell you why. 

Every week we get about 100-200 emails through our website and facebook from Halo Collar customers who have purchased a Halo Collar and the messages are pretty upsetting. These Halo Collar customers feel ignored and frustrated by the lack of support and most want a refund. 

First, it's important to understand -- this is, not Halo Collar. We are a completely different company. We are a small, woman-owned business with a simple goal - to keep your pets safe and seen at night. We are not in a position to handle hundreds of customer support emails a week for another company - especially already upset and disappointed customers, but we do and we treat customers with the respect they deserve. 

This blog post is meant to help those customers (and new ones) get the feedback they deserve quickly and find out how they can reach the right company. This is not a jealous competitor -- we don't make the same collar nor do we try to sell these customers our collars. OK, let's get down to the feedback - 

Since the launch of Halo Collar in 2018, we've been inundated by their customers (who are actually pretty cool) and here's what we've learned from their first hand experience using the product:

  • The good...Customers who buy the Halo Collar are some of the best pet owners we've seen. They care about their dogs health, safety and no cost is spared. They are all so nice! But Halo Collar's lack of customer support and package tracking has made them desperate for help. We get it. 
  • The bad:
    • As of this post, it takes over 2 months to receive an order (this isn't just a recent supply chain issue)
    • Tracking an order is difficult to say the least - customers have a hard time getting answers on where their order is and when it will arrive, if it's been shipped and even tracking a package once it's been received. 
    • Once collars are received, it's a challenge to connect it to the network (wifi, etc)
    • Geo Fence isn't accurate - customers who've bought two collars can compare the two and they get two different results
    • Collars are too big
    • Collars are too small
    • Customers are frustrated no one is returning their emails
    • Customers are frustrated no one is returning their calls
    • Customers have a hard time finding customer support information on their website
    • I can't tell you how many customers have even sent us their collars to return -- without any order information. These collars are VERY expensive so we feel obligated to help. We have gone through contacting customer support for them and returned their collars. Even though the customer will never know we did that... you're welcome!
    • If you are having trouble with your Halo Collar, it's NOT user error - it's definitely the collar. 

The ugly... But the most disturbing and consistent feedback we get is -- the collar SHOCKS their dog. What the heck Cesar. That's disappointing to say the least. I have many emails confirming this from customers. 

[To Halo Collar's Lawyers -- Before you try to take this post down, know I have thousands of emails from your customers and their emails to verify this information. I have every right to share my experience and feedback we're getting from genuine customers. We've also spent hundreds of hours helping your customers -- returning collars for them and interacting with your customer support. I have reached out to your customer support on many occasions and even your facebook page to get some help with these matters. It should be no surprise I am writing this post today.] 

As dog owners ourselves -- and fans of Cesar Millan and the Dog Whisperer -- this is very, very, very disappointing.  

Now that you know what others are experiencing -- we hope this helps you either make an informed decision on if you should buy a Halo Collar or how to return it. 

If you bought a collar and are looking for a return -- here's their customer support phone number 1-214-712-2270 (it's very hidden on their website). You can also see their customer support page. We hope this helps! 

Have you purchased a Halo Collar? If so, feel free to comment below with your experience. There doesn't seem to be anywhere online where people can leave honest reviews of this product - hard to believe! 


halo pet food

Also, we're starting to get customer emails about halopets the dog food too. If you are looking for the pet food -- HALO PETS -- call them at 1-800-426-4256

Mon – Fri: 9:00AM - 5:00PM ET // Sat – Sun: Closed or EMAIL This is not our company either. 

This is starting to get ridiculous. 

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This blog post offers insights into the Halo Collar by Cesar Millan and analyzes its possible benefits for dog owners. The article provides readers with information to consider when making a purchase, highlighting features like GPS tracking, training aid, and behavior monitoring. Reader feedback on their own experiences with the Halo Collar is featured in the comments below. In conclusion, this article is a useful guide for pet owners curious about cutting-edge options for their canine companions.

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This is really appreciated that you have presented this data over here, I love all the information shared. It will be very helpful to understand if should you buy a halo collar by Cesar millan. Great post to share!! Well, I have visited another site having some wonderful and similar information.

John Kiefer

How about you put a date on this article? Are you referring to Halo or Halo 2?
100% no problems and very effective with Halo 2 and customer support has been amazing for me – a recent purchaser and paid less than $700-$1000…..


I purchased a Halo collar and had to return it, due to it not working for my dog. i sent back the collar on August 1st, Fedex tracking showed they received it on August 5th. they keep sending me request to pay my bill and i already sent back the collar. now yesterday they took out my payment of over 100.00 dollars. this is very frustrating and shows this companies true color. don’t buy from them Halo collar from Cesar Millan!

Tasha Goss

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