halo collar

Halo Dog was created out of a need to protect our own dogs. We have two chihuahuas and we like to hike around our Hollywood Hills neighborhood. With the fluctuation of daylight throughout the year, we found it harder and harder to keep up with our walks as it got darker earlier.

And so Halo Dog was born. 

Our hope is that when you purchase one of our collars, you will feel the same  sense of relief when you turn our collar  -- knowing that your pet can be seen from a block away. 

While there are lots of other fancy (and expensive) collars on the market that claim to do everything from track calories, body temperature, geo fencing - sometimes you just need a collar that just lights up! There's no app to figure out or programming your collar to struggle with. You simply open it, trim to fit and place on your dog's neck. When you need to charge, use our plug to connect to any USB outlet. That's it! Your collar will already be charged when it arrives.

We hope you love your collar as much as our dogs love ours. If you'd like to share your experience with Halo Dog, please follow us on Instagram (@HalodogCollars) and share your photo with #halodog