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LED Cat Collar Green
LED Cat Collar Green USB Rechargeable
LED Cat Collar Green USB Rechargeable
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Halo Dog

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Our Shamrock Green LED Cat Collar Features...

DURABLE DESIGN:  There are no moving parts to break off or lose. and is also water resistant.

EASY TO CUSTOMIZE: Each collar measures 28 inches out-of-the-box. Simply trim the LED tube with a pair of scissors or knife (single cut) to fit your cat's neck perfectly. 

READY TO WEAR:  Each Halo LED cat collar is tested, charged and ready to use when it is shipped. Collars slip on with ease and stay on. 

3 ILLUMINATION MODES (STEADY, FLASH & STROBE):  Go with the basic steady-illumination setting or get flashy with slow and fast strobe setting. 

EASY TO CHARGE: No batteries needed!  Each collar comes with a universal USB charging cord that connects to the mini USB port built into the back of the collar’s power button. Simply plug it in and power it up (a full charge takes 30 minutes or less). No batteries! You simply plug the collar in and it's ready to wear in 30-60 minutes. 

SURROUNDING GLOW:  Bright enough for you to see what’s in your cat’s immediate path.

AVAILABLE IN 4 FABULOUS COLORS:  Express your (and your cat’s) style/mood with collars in Sky Blue, Shamrock Green, Ruby Red and Watermelon Pink. 

Halo Dog LED Cat Collar is also great for dogs!